2019 January – Almanack Newsletter

2019 introduces an extra newsletter that our secretary Mike Dudley has produced.  The supplemental Almanack is a personal initiative by Mike to improve communication across the society and also to be an advertisement for our activities beyond. To read or download a copy please click [here]

Please give us feedback on what you think about it.  As usual, printed copies will be available at the meeting, so if printing one is difficult, do remember to pick one up, or to do so for some friend who might be interested in the society’s meetings. 

Remember too, that back issues of the Almanack including that for Autumn giving details of meetings until May can always be found in the Publications tab

2018 Goodliff Awards

The 2018 Goodliff Awards were presented on 15th November 2018 to recipients at a reception in the Assembly Room of Huntingdon Town Hall. For details click on the picture below:

2018 Goodliff Award Recipients

Wednesday 9th January 2019 – Stories from Needingworth Mapping

A Detailed and New Look at Needingworth

Our first meeting and lecture for 2019 is a talk by Peter Cooper on his work of researching the village of Needingworth. Peter is the recipient of a Goodliff Award in 2018 for this work.  

Come along to the Methodist Church, Huntingdon and hear all about how Peter researched and collected historical and geographical information  about people, buildings, events, documents, etc., and presenting this cartographically with the application of digital technology.

This is a new and innovative way of presenting valuable data about the life and makeup of village life. Join in with helping Peter update and enhance the information he has about this village and help him to build up his database for other villages and towns in Huntingdonshire.  

2018 May Weekend to Derbyshire – Change to Advertised Itinerary


Hardwick Hall

This year we visit some of the historic sites of Derbyshire. For further details see and download our updated itinerary click on the picture of Hardwick Hall to the right

There has been a change to the itinerary for day 1 and we will by visiting Melbourne Parish Church instead of Derby Cathedral.


Summer Excursions 2018

This post is just to outline to members the planned excursions for this summer period. The full details and dates of the visits are still being finalised and will be published shortly in the next copy of the  Almanack and will be announced at the AGM on the 17th May. Outline of our visits are as follows:

May (evening) – visit to Alconbury Museum

June (half day) – visit to Westminster College, Cambridge

17th July – Coach trip to Gainsborough Old Hall, Clayworth Church, Stow and possibly tea at Elton

August – trip to visit March Railway Station and Museum

September – visit to Norris Museum and Pugins Little Gem St Ives

Treading the Boards of Georgian England

This is the last of our lectures for this winter period, come along to the Methodist Church in Huntingdon at 7:30pm on Thursday 12th April to hear Neil Wright talking about the history and development of theatre, particularly in the East of the country. For more details see our Events page. http://www.huntslhs.org.uk/?ai1ec_event=society-lecture-treading-the-boards-in-georgian-england-neil-wright