humtingdon-imagesThe Society was founded in 1957 to promote interest in the local history of Huntingdonshire and throughout the year provides a programme of lectures, events, excursions and publications.

winterLectures The Society organises lectures on a monthly basis throughout the winter months. , Lectures are generally linked to Huntingdonshire history with subjects range from archaeology to aviation.
excursions Excursions To places of historical interest are organised during the summer. Local places of interest are covered by evening or half day trips, those further afield by full –day coach trips. A full weekend excursion is organised in May.
eventsEvents  Each year a Christmas Social is held, usually  in the splendid setting of the Assembly Room of Huntingdon Town Hall.
publicationsPublications   Our journal, Records of Huntingdonshire, contains short articles of high quality on all aspects of Huntingdonshire History.
Huntingdonshire History Festival.
Each year the Society plays a major role in supporting the History Festival. To access the History Festival webpage click on the Logo above