Records of Huntingdonshire

The Society publishes an annual journal, Records of Huntingdonshire, which contains short and scholarly articles on Huntingdonshire history.

Copies of all these publications of Records of Huntingdonshire can be purchased from the Society, prices £2.00 per publication from Volumes 1 and 2 and £3 for Volumes 3 and 4. To purchase please contact with your name and address.

Volume 1, Number 1, 1965

  • Chairman’s Letter, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • The Hartford (Huntingdon) Treasure Trove, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Huntingdon’s Fire Brigade, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Fire, Smoke and Ruin, Recalling some of the Country’s Notable Fires, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • St Neots Priory, by C.F. Tebbutt
  • Huntingdon Private Banks, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Memorials, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Huntingdonshire County Records, by P.G.M. Dickinson

 Volume 1, Number 2, 1966

  • The History of Huntingdonshire Hedges, by M.D. Hooper
  • Excavations on the Site of Hinchingbrooke Nunnery Church, by W.N. Watterson
  • Georgian Huntingdon,by E. Bailey
  • Ancient Monuments scheduled by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works in Huntingdonshire, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Huntingdon and Peterborough County Council Achievement of Arms, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Report on the Record Office, by P.G.M. Dickinson

Volume 1, Number 3, 1967

  • Earth-cut, Church and Topiary Mazes, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Early Nonconformity in Huntingdonshire (1) Kimbolton, by H.G. Tibbutt
  • St Christopher in Huntingdonshire, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Translation of the Charter of King John to the men of Godmanchester, 20th May 1212, by unknown
  • The Standing Conference for Local History, by J.G. Morris
  • Huntingdon County Records, by P.G.M. Dickinson

Volume 1, Number 4, 1969

  • Early Nonconformity in Huntingdonshire (2) Great Gransden, by H.G. Tibbutt
  • The Administration of John Hill’s Estate at Hemingford Grey, 1726-1727, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • John Allpress, Yoeman of Fenstanton (temp 1588-1688), by H. Halls
  • Huntingdonshire Epitaphs, by unknown

Volume 1, Number 5, 1970

  • Early Nonconformity in Huntingdonshire (3) St. Neots, by H.G. Tibbutt
  • Sawtry, Judith Manor, by E.W. Joyce
  • Commotion at St. Ives 1449-1450, by H. Halls
  • Bodsey House, Ramsey, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Obituary, Philip Danns Tebbutt, by P.G.M. Dickinson

Volume 1, Number 6, 1971

  • Tudor House (formerly the Old Rectory), Eynesbury, by E.M. Davies and J.M. Hey
  • Fire Marks and Plates in Huntingdonshire, by H. Halls
  • Godmanchester Fire Marks, by D. Cozens

Volume 1, Number 7, 1972

  • Sir William Le Moigne of Sawtry, Part 1, by H. Halls
  • A Poor Man of Hamerton, by P. Sutton
  • The Lights of Huntingdon, by P.G.M. Dickinson
  • Countryside Treasures (The Huntingdonshire Local History Society’s contribution to the Survey compiled by the County Planning Department 1972), by J.M. Hey

Volume 1, Number 8, 1977

  • This Great Gap in Time, by D Cozens
  • Philip G. M. Dickinson, F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S., F.R.G.S., 1902-1974, by the Rt Hon Sir David Renton Q.C., M.P. President of Huntingdonshire Local History Society
  • Sir William Le Moigne of Sawtry, Part 2, by H. Halls
  • The Hinchingbrooke Fire, 1830, by R Mitchell
  • Great Paxton Minster Church, by D Cozens
  • The Huntingdon Tapestries, by D Cozens
  • Wallpaintings at Tilbrook Manor, by E.M. Davis

Volume 1, Number 9, 1979

  • The Sparrows of Hilton, by R. Garnett
  • If Pepy’s had been Mayor of Huntingdon, by unknown
  • Brook End Farm, Catworth, by E.M. Davis
  • The Local History Collection at Huntingdon Library, by unknown
  • A Register from Bluntisham, by H. Halls
  • County Records Office, Huntingdon, by A.D. Hill
  • Larratts of Ramsey (1878 to 1978), by unknown

 Volume 1, Number 10, 1980

  • George Maddox and George Hall, Part 1 George Maddox of Southoe, by K Richardson
  • Puritans at St. Ives, 1631 – 1643, by M. Wagner
  • The Mint at Huntingdon, by R.J. Eaglen
  • L.H.S. Comes of Age, by J.M. Hey
  • The Norris Museum and Library, by C. Morriss
  • Digging into History at Grafham Water, by E. Oxenbould
  • County Records Office, Huntingdon, Accessions 1979, by A.D. Hill

Volume 2, Number 1, 1981

  • Buckden Church Warden’s Accounts 1627-1774, by S. B. Edgington
  • George |Maddox and George Hall, Two Studies in the Pride of Craft. II. George Hall of Huntingdon, by Kenneth Richardson
  • Driving the Irish, by W. Meyer
  • Some Huntingdonshire Brasses, by Peter Heseltine
  • County Record Office, Huntingdon Accessions 1980, by A. D. Hill and R. H. Smout
  • Weekend at Glatton, by Elizabeth Oxenbould
  • Huntingdonshire Barns, by E. M. Davis
  • John Keats – a Huntingdon Connection
  • Robert Hutchinson, Huntingdon Architect

Volume 2, Number 2, 1982

  • Huntingdon Town Hall, by R. T. Hardwick
  • Surveying Graveyards, by Rosa Young
  • The Floating Church of Holme, by John Bennett
  • The Livestock Trade in Huntingdonshire 1600-1750, by Stephen Porter
  • Connington Church: a Dating Problem, by Andrew Woodger
  • No 45 High Street, Huntingdon: a Medieval Hall, by E. M. Davis
  • News from the County Record Office, Huntingdon, by A. D. Hill

Volume 2, Number 3, 1983

  • Streets, Lanes and Paths in Godmanchester some 600 years ago, by Beryl P. Wells
  • St Benedict’s Church, Huntingdon, by David Cozens
  • Indexing the Hunts Post, by Dulcie Buchanan and Jean Bent
  • Sir Robert Bernard and the Enclosure of Grafham, 1774 – 6, by Colling G Burton
  • How Many Miles to Huntingdon
  • The Impact of Railways on St Ives, by Frederica Bull
  • County Record Office, Huntingdon: The Papers of the Sismey Family of Offord Cluney
  • Medieval Godmanchester
  • William Coowper

Volume 2, Number 4, 1984

  • The Huntingdon Assizes 1734 – 1800, by W. R. Meyer
  • Fire at St Mary’s, by Andrew Woodger
  • The Life and Errors of John Dunton, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • Vanished Building of Huntingdonshire
  • Mark Forscutt, My Mormon Ancestor, by Jean Hawkins
  • The George Hotel, Huntingdon, by Alexandra Cox
  • Two 15th Century Buildings in Upwood, Huntingdonshire, by Mrs E. M. Davis
  • John Evison 1845 – 1940
  • Bardolph’s Charity
  • A Palimpsest Brass at Little Gidding, by David Cozens and Peter Heseltine

Volume 2, Number 5, 1985

  • Ramsey Abbey vs Pagan Peverel, St Ives 1107, by S. B. Edgington
  • A 14th Century Grave Slab at Warboys, by John Stott
  • The Parish Poorhouse, by Susan Oosthuizen
  • Fords and Fires at St Ives, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • Vanished Buildings of Huntgingdonshire
  • Offord Cluney, Not a Case of 18th Century Neglect, by A. J. Richardson
  • Transcribing Godmanchester Wills, 1479 – 1652, by Pam Sneath
  • Portholme: Huntingdon’s Aerodrome and its Flying Men, by David Hufford

Volume 2, Number 6, 1986

  • Pages from and Architect’s Notebook: Lady Olivia Sparrow and John Nash, by Dr Nigel Temple
  • New Wine in Old Bottles, Two Attempts to Improve on the Past in St Ives, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • Huntingdonshire Apothecaries’ Tokens and their Issuers, by T. D. Whittle
  • Aisleless Naves of the 17th Century, by Andrew Woodger
  • F. Tebbutt – a Memoir, by Hettie Peppitt
  • A Huntingdonshire Chest of Drawers of 1800, by John Hadley
  • The Brewery, Godmanchester – William Garka and William Baxter, by David Cox
  • The Cottons of Bedfordshire: an Absentee Family in the 17th Century, by David H. Kennett
  • Sawtry Comes to Light, by K. Delve

 Volume 2, Number 7, 1987

  • John Allpress, a Fenstanton Farmer 1663 – 1727, by Henry Halls
  • The Dyer Family of Great Staughton. Part 1: The Making of the Estate, by David H. Kennett
  • Sawtry Comes to Life, by Ken Delve
  • Inskipp Ladds and Huntingdonshire Churches, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • The Tour of the Rev Timothy Neve DD through the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon May – July 1748, by A. J. Richardson
  • Bible Christians in Huntingdonshire, by M. J. Wickes
  • Owslet Rowley and the Sandwich Family 1778 – 92, by Peter Rowley

Volume 2, Number 8, 1988

  • Five Manuscripts from St Ives, 1673/5, by Henry Halls
  • Barton’s Books, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • Earl of Sandwich 1766
  • Fire at Warboys, 1835, by Henry Halls
  • Ramsey, Psalter Versets, by David Cozens
  • Owsley Rowley and the Sandwich Family 1778 -92, by Peter Rowley

Volume 2, Number 9, 1990

  • The Dyer Family of Great Staughton, Part 2: The Breaking of the Estate, by David H. Kennett
  • George Dean of Offord Cluny: an Eighteenth Century Clergyman, by A. J. Richardson
  • The Last of the Cromwell’s
  • Roger De Raveningham, Archdeacon of Huntingdon 1255-1275/6, by Henry Halls
  • Cuthbert Bede and Verdant Green, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • The Danes in Huntingdonshire, by Anne Ripper
  • The Fleetwood Cabinet
  • Owsley Rowley and the Sandwich Family 1778 -92, by Peter Rowley
  • Witchcraft at Warboys

Volume 2, Number 10, 1991

  • Robert Langley in the Snow, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • Dovecotes of Huntingdonshire, by Anne Ripper
  • The Disappearance of Buckden’s Woodland, by Susan Edgington
  • The Great Whyte, Ramsey, by Andrew Fellowes
  • Huntingdonshire Parliamentary Elections, 1918 – 45, by W. R. Meyer
  • Raising the Hunts Militia in the Napoleonic Wars, by Peter Rowley

Volume 3, Number 1, 1992

  • The Origins of Hemingford Grey, by Susan Oosthuizen
  • Drunken Iveson and the Very Dry Job, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • John Roberts of Ellington, Soldier in the 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment, by Glenys Bower
  • Fen(ny) Stanton in the First Elizabethan Age, by Henry Halls
  • Stephen Ballard and the Great Northern Railway, by Geoffrey Warren
  • Upton, from Cart Horse to Commuter, by Brenda Birrell
  • John Lindsay and Sir Joseph Banks, by Peter Rowley

 Volume 3, Number 2, 1993

  • John Hadley, Editor of the Records of Huntingdonshire 1977 – 92
  • A Lost Sculpture at Godmanchester, by John Hadley
  • The Riverside Mill, Godmanchester, by Reg Honeybone
  • Beggars’ Bush to King’s Bush, by Philip Saunders
  • Field Names and Local History, by Rosa Young
  • Hugh the Macebearer, by Henry Halls
  • A Roman Burial at Godmanchester (C. J. Going: The Pottery; Corinne Duhig: The Cremation; Miranda Green: The Figurines), by Alison Taylor
  • Huntingdon Record Office Accessions in 1992, by Philip Saunders

Volume 3, Number 3, 1994

  • Norman Parker, Treasurer of the Society for more than 15 Years
  • The Restoration of the Chancel of Easton Church, 1869-72, by A. J. Richardson
  • Huntingdonshire Fires, Causes, Costs and Companies, by Henry Halls
  • From Chapel to Archive. The County Record Office Building 1826 – 1994, by Philip Saunders
  • Phyllis Elizabeth Goodliff (1897 – 1993), by Lesley James
  • County Record Office Accessions 1993, by Philip Saunders
  • Some Huntingdonshire Names, by Bob Burn-Murdoch

Volume 3, Number 4, 1995

  • Making the News: The Royalist Capture of Huntingdon in August 1645, by S. L. Sadler
  • Octavia Hill at Island Hall, Godmanchester, by Christopher Vane-Percy
  • Through the Brass Darkly. The de Pabenhams of Offord Darcy, by Henry Halls
  • Tales of Two Plane Crashes at St Ives, by Bridget Smith
  • Christina of Markyate: Marriage and Religion in Huntingdonshire in the 12th Century, by Helen Harrington
  • Two St Ives Literary Associations, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • A New Year Greeting for 1925, by David Cozens

Volume 3, Number 5, 1996

  • Sounding Brasses. The Taylards of Diddington and Offord Darcy, by Henry Halls
  • Childhood Memories of St Ives, by Jack Harrison and Charles Laurie (ed Julia Johnson)
  • The Hemingfords: A Local History Research Group, by Mary Carter
  • Digging Ditches on Hemingford Grey Meadow, by Bridget Smith
  • The Millers Tale, by Robin Stanes
  • A Discovery at Upwood Manor House, by David Cozens

Volume 3, Number 6, 1997-8

  • Henry Halls Obituary, died 1st May 1998
  • A Little-Known Huntingdonshire MP. Sir Laurence Taylard (C. 1500-1573), by Henry Halls
  • Another Kind of Hunts Cyclist. George Thomas Allpress (1858 – 1949) by Henry Halls
  • A Family of Noted Windmillers, by Talbot K. Green
  • Cardinal Pole’s Visitation in the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon, 1556, by A. J. Richardson
  • A Huntingdonshire Moonraker, by Bridget Smith
  • Opening the Institution, by John Hunnybun
  • A Teulon School at St Neots, by Alan Teulon

Volume 3, Number 7, 1999

  • The Last Ceremony of Honour. The Funeral of Oliver Cromwell, by Alan Richardson
  • Yours Oliver Cromwell, the First Cromwell Museum in Huntingdonshire, by John Goldsmith
  • The James Nayler Affair. Cromwell and the House of Lords, by David Cozens
  • Some Fit Memorial, the Cromwell Statue at St Ives, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • The Farmer of St Ives, by Rev. Edwin Paxton-Hood

Volume 3, Number 8, 2000

  • Remembering Inskip Ladds, by Alan Richardson
  • Remembering Huntingdonshire Antiquarians, by Michael Green
  • The Inskip Ladds Files, by Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • John Ferrar of Little Gidding, by D. R. Ransome
  • Huntingdonshire Hearth Tax, by Ken Sneath
  • ARP 1886 Bury, by David Cozens
  • How are These Trees Getting On
  • Alfred James Orange, by David R. Viles

Volume 3, Number 9, 2001-2

  • The Crosshall to Brington Bridge Turnpike Road, by Michael Knight
  • Bedfordshire’s Northernmost Point, by Michael Knight
  • Little Gidding in 1796, by Joyce Ransome
  • The Hemmingford Abbots Village Cross, by Bridget Flanagan
  • Godmanchester Probate Inventories, by Ken Sneath
  • Wartime Village, by Elizabeth Belsey

Volume 3, Number 10, 2003-4

  • The Augustinian Friary of Huntingdon: A Postscript to the 1913 Report by Inskip Ladds, by Beth Davis
  • A Monument in its Own Right: The Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Godmanchester, by Pam Sneath
  • Transcript of Endowment from the Will of Richard Robins of Godmanchester made 29 September 1558, by Pam Sneath
  • Sir John Sapcote. An Exchequer Warrant in Favour of John Sapcote Esq 1493, by J. T. Driver

Volume 4, Number 1, 2005

  • Huntingdon’s Charters, by Susan B. Edgington(page3)
  • Huntingdon’s Mayoral Chain, Part 1, by David Cozens (page 11)
  • Huntingdon Union Workhouse, by Helen Harwood (page 13)
  • St Mary’s Perambulation 1782, by David Cozens (page 37)
  • Henry, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, by David Cozens (page 44)
  • Robert Hodson, 18th Century Huntingdon Clergyman, Part 1, by Alan Richardson (page 48)
  • The Society and Huntingdon 800 (page 64)
  • Society Activities 2005 (page 68)


Volume 4, Part 2, 2006 – 2007

  • Lord Renton, P.C. K.B.E., T.D., Q.C., D.L., An Appreciation, by David Cozens (page 3).
  • The Society’s Foundation 1957, by Philip Saunders (page 5).
  • Robert Hodson: An Eighteenth-century Huntingdon Clergyman, Part 2, by Alan Richardson (page15).
  • Cockfighting and Bible Raffling at St. Ives, by David R. Viles (page 29).
  • William Cowper and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, by Alan Butler (page 37).
  • Huntingdon Mayoral Chain, Part 2, by David Cozens (page 43)
  • A Note on Hilton Nicknames, by Richard Garnett (page 49)
  • The Society’s Museum Collection, by Philip Saunders (page 55)
  • Lectures and Other Activities 2006 – 2007 (page 64)

Volume 4 Part 3, 2008 – 2012

  • A Fourteenth Century Huntingdon Rental, by Philip Saunders (page 3).
  • Protestant Dissent in Spaldwick 1672-1793, by Alan Richardson (page 9),
  • Funerals, the Final Consumer Choice, by Ken Sneath (page 22).
  • Beggars’ Bush Revisited, by David Howlett (page 32).
  • The Mystery of Houghton Mill Film, by Gerry Feakes (page 38).
  • Lamport and William Barnard Rhodes-Moorhouse, by Alan Butler (page 48).
  • Huntingdon Mayoral Chain, Part 3, by David Cozens (page 52).
  • Book Review: Joyce Ransome, The Web of Friendship: Nicholas Ferrer and Little Gidding, reviewed by Ken Sneath (page 56).
  • The Society Record 2008-12

Volume 4, Part 4, 2013 – 2016

  • Virginia Ferrar: A Liberated Woman, by David Ransome (page 3).
  • Archbishop Sancroft’s Visitation of Huntingdonshire 1686, by Alan Richardson (page 15).
  • Warboys Parish Records: Mystery of the Missing Page, by Brian Lake (page 34).
  • Jarvis Matcham, a notorious crime revisited, by Ian Beckwith (page 44).
  • St Edward’s Home Huntingdon, by David Cozens (page 50).
  • Mary Hopper (1919-2016): A Tribute, by Philip Saunders (page 65).
  • The Society Record 2013-2016

Volume 4, Part 5, 2017 – 2020

  • Robert Grosseteste and Huntingdonshire, by David Thompson and Giles Gasper (page 5)
  • The Parish Constable in Huntingdonshire, by Evelyn Lord (page 20)
  • The Lost Books of Little Gidding, by David R, Ransome (page 35)
  • A benevolent oligarchy: Poor Law Administration in Alconbury, 1815 – 1840, by Ian Beckwith (page 45)
  • Elementary Education comes to Fletton: “The School on the Hill”, by Sadie McMullon (page 63)
  • Building the GNR: The Railway and its Navvies in Huntingdonshire, by Michael Stephenson (page 77)
  • The Clash of Churchmanship in Nineteenth-Century St Ives: The coming of Anglo-Catholicism, by David Yeandle (page 91)
  • Godmanchester and the Census, by Ken Sneath (page 115)
  • George Charles Montagu, The 9th Earl of Sandwich, the last Earl to Reside in Hinchingbrooke House, by David Cozens (page 126)
  • Huntingdon Methodist Church Men’s Club – 70th Anniversary, by Alan Butler (page 134)
  • Lectures and Other Activities 2017 – 2020 (page 140)