The Society publishes an information booklet in the Spring and Autumn quarters, The Almanack – The Newsletter of the Huntingdonshire Local History Society, which is a newsletter giving the Society’s planned activities over the forthcoming six months. In the winter months there are programmes of lecturers, meetings and events and during the summer months excursions to places of historical interest, both local and further afield. To read and download copies of the Almanack select the Almanack Tab from the Publications Menu.

In addition to the Almanack, the Society also aims to publish an annual booklet, “Records of Huntingdon which includes a number of articles of local and national historical interest written by Society members and learned authors. Copies of these booklets are provided to each member of the Society at the time of publication. Copies will also be made available in the Huntingdon Library and Archives. If required copies of the current Records of Huntingdon, as well as back copies, can be purchased from the Society, either at our regular monthly meetings at the Huntingdon Methodist Church or by contacting the Society through the Contact Us page.

The Society also produces or sponsors the publication of other books and pamphlets either directly by members or through the award of a grant from the Goodliff Fund. These publications may also available to be purchased through the Society or via the publicist. For information on these books please contact the Society through the Contact Us page.