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Almanack – New Year 2023 Published

A supplemantary edition of the Almanack covering the Society activities and lectures planned for the first half of 2023 has been issued.

In addition to our normal first Tuesday in the month lecture programme we have introduced two daytime activities in January and February.

January 19th an afternoon at Huntingdon Archives to view some of publications, documents and maps on the architecture of the Huntingdonshire landscape. Due to the available space in the Archives we have had to limit the numbers to a maximum of 20 people. There will be a small charge of £5 per person for tea and biscuits and cost fo the Archives.

February 22nd and afternoon at Huntingdon Methodist Church with MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology). MOLA representatives will give a short presentation and then lead us in a workshop to study a number of finds and research material related to the excavations alonmg the route of the new A14 road. Please note numbers wil be limited to 20 for the workshop. There is no charge for this event

If you want to book a place on any of these listed events please email David Smith on