2022 Goodliff and Geneaology Awards

Goodliff Awards for 2022

This year we had an unprecedented number of applicants and we are very pleased to announce that the following were successful in being selected for a Goodliff Award:

Michael Addis – ‘The Victorian Entomologist’, for developing and giving practical educational events for young people to experience how entomologists in Huntingdonshire collected and examined their specimens.

Huntingdonshire Archives – the Dukes of Manchester, who lived in Kimbolton Castle, left a large number of estate records and the Archives are cataloguing the first accession of the Kimbolton Estate Records whixh will be lodged in the Huntingdonshire Archives.

Norris Museum – working in conjunction with KICK, a local youth charity, creating a story mat based on the rich heritage of Huntingdonshire with focus on St Ives to help young people learn about their local history.

Peter Cooper – a number of wills and other important estate records of sme residents of Holywell and Needingworth have recently been made available, these are to be teranscribed and made available on the local history website.

Dorothy Anne James – embarked on a long term project to researching and documenting information and records of Huntingdonshire convicts that were sentenced to deportation. The records are to be lodged in the Huntingdonshire Archives once completed.

Cromwell Museum Trust (Stuart Orme) – Create a display to be shown in the Museum of some of the artifacts from the early life of Oliver Cromwell and his family in Huntingdon.

Martyn Smith – to purchase an A3 printer/scanner to support his presentations and talks and to help with his continuing research into the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Batallion. 

Kenneth Sneath – research into and publication of a book on the impacts of the ‘Long Reformation in Huntingdonshire’.

Godmanchester Museum (David Stokes) – purchase printer/scanner and presentation stands to help research and display information about some of the families and notable residents of Godmanchester.

Huntingdon BID – in conjunction with a number of other sponsoring groups create colourful display panels along Literary Walk and other locations in Huntingdon celebrating a number of notable literary people, including Samuel Pepys, Henry of Huntingdon, Lucy Boston, William Cowper, T S Elliot and many more.

Nene Valley Archaeological Trust – Edmund Artis, a well know antiquarian and illustrator published many records of buildings and hjistorical sites in and around Huntingdonshire. The Trust are publishing a facsimile copy of a book published in fasciclues from 1823 to 1828 of the archaeological finds in and around the Roman town of Durobrivae. 

Ramsey Rural Museum – purchase equipment to allow visitors to choose and view videos about artifacts and displays in the museum.