Goodliff Awards – Publications

Some of the projects previously supported by an award have been published as books or pamphlets and a number of these are available from the Huntingdon Library, or can be purchased though Amazon:

The Aviation Centre

Huntingdon the Aviation Centre 1910

by H Massac Buist

republished in 1992




Rowleys Chronicle

The Chronicles of the Rowleys

by Peter Rowley

published in 1995


Risen from obscurity




Risen From Obscurity: Oliver Cromwell and Huntingdonshire

by Alan Akeroyd and Caroline Clifford

published in 2002




Ramsey Abbeys Book of Benefactors

by S Edgington (ed), Debby Banham (Illustrator), and Rosemary Hill (Translator)

published 2002





Memories from Huntingdon

by V Homer




An Atlas of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire History, by T Kirby and S Oosthuizen

Kings Ripton a Huntingdonshire Village in the Year 2000, by S Ritchie

Edmund Pettis’ Survey of St Ives, 1728, by M Carter (ed)



The Warboys Whites

by S Pryke





A Remarkable Journey: the History of the Free Church in St Ives

by M Carter




Ramsey: the Lives of an English Fenland Town 1200-1600

by A R Dewindt and E B Dewindt






The New Bridges

by B Flanagan