Goodliff Award Scheme

Goodliff Award Scheme

Phyllis Goodliff (1897 – 1993)

The Huntingdonshire Local History Society established the Goodliff Awards scheme in 1996 thanks to a very generous bequest from Phyllis Goodliff (1897-1993), a founder member of the Society. The objective of the scheme is to provide financial support to individuals, groups or institutions undertaking projects that promote the advancement of local history in Huntingdonshire or make the ancient county’s history more widely known. Since 1996 we have provided support to over 200 activities and publications including projects in schools, the acquisition, preservation and display of artefacts and records, documentary research and the publication of history both in print and on line.

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Application Form:

All applications for an Award are to be submitted on the appropriate form. To download a Word version of the application form click on the image of the form below:

Word 1997 Version

Word 2010 Version

   Word 1997 Version   or     Word 2010 Version 





Alternatively you can download a pdf version of the form [Goodliff Application Form pdf]

Applications using one of the above forms and all supporting information should be submitted to the Goodliff Administrator by email at by noon on 31 March.


Information for Applicants

Awards usually fall into the following broad categories:

a) Research into and promotion of the history of Huntingdonshire including individual study and educational projects concerned with local history.

b) Preserving the heritage of the old county, including museum and archives special acquisitions and projects concerned with conserving, cataloguing, displaying and interpretation.


Individual applicants need not be members of Huntingdonshire Local History Society. Preference may nevertheless be given to projects that advance the Society’s activities by partnership, e.g sharing the fruits of research through the Society’s journal.

Publicly funded institutions may be eligible to apply for an award but projects or services will only be supported by the Society if they are additional to those that are normally provided through public funds.


Awards can only be given in respect of cost approved beforehand. The Society will not support applications for the recovery of costs already incurred.

The Society will determine the level of grant depending on the character of the projects, the requirements of the Society’s own activities, funds and resources available and availability of alternative sources of funding. As a rule grants will not usually exceed 60% of total costs. Larger projects should demonstrate that alternative funding sources are being sought and should keep the Society informed of the outcome of these applications.

Payments of Awards will be made shortly after the Annual General Meeting of the Society in May at which the awards are announced. It is nevertheless expected that successful applicants (or representative of a successful institutional applicant) will attend the Society’s President’s lecture to receive a certificate of the award.

Projects should take place or at least commence during the 12 months following grant of the award.  Please keep us informed of the progress of a project and of any unexpected delays.  A brief report to the society’s awards administrator should be made on completion of the project or 12 months after the award.

Publication of Projects:

Applications for projects resulting in any publication should indicate how it is intended to distribute or market the publication, whether issued free or if sold, whether on a cost recovery basis only or what will be done with any profit.

Two copies of any publication supported by a Goodliff Award should be presented to the society.  These are usually offered to Huntingdonshire Archives and Local Studies for addition to their collections.


Any permanent record of a project or publication, etc., aided through a Goodliff Award should bear an acknowledgement to the Huntingdonshire Local History Society and may refer to it being a Goodliff Award.  A digital copy of the Society’s insignia (logo) can be provided by the Goodliff Awards Administrator, who will also advise on a form of words if desired.


Full details should be given on the official form. This should include the names and contact details of two independent referees, one of whom should be expert in the area of the intended research or project and the other familiar with the applicant. Project timeline plans and projected outline costs should be submitted with every application for an Award. It is expected that applicants will have sought competitive quotations for goods, services or materials from separate sources where appropriate, and may be asked to provide evidence of this with their award submission.

Applications and all supporting information should be sent by email to the Goodliff Administrator at

If applicants need help with completing their applications they can contact the Administrator on the above email.

A pdf version of these notes for applicants can be downloaded here: [Goodliff Awards – Information for Applicants]