Records of Huntingdonshire

The Society publishes an annual journal, Records of Huntingdonshire, which contains short and scholarly articles on Huntingdonshire history.

This page will shortly contain a complete list of all the copies of the Records of Huntingdonshire that have been published.

Volume 4, Part 4

  • Virginia Ferrar: A Liberated Woman, by David Ransome (page 3).
  • Archbishop Sancroft’s Visitation of Huntingdonshire 1686, by Alan Richardson (page 15).
  • Warboys Parish Records: Mystery of the Missing Page, by Brian Lake (page 34).
  • Jarvis Matcham, a notorious crime revisited, by Ian Beckwith (page 44).
  • St Edward’s Home Huntingdon, by David Cozens (page 50).
  • Mary Hopper (1919-2016): A Tribute, by Philip Saunders (page 65).
  • The Society Record 2013-2016


Volume 4 Part 3

  • A Fourteenth Century Huntingdon Rental, by Philip Saunders (page 3).
  • Protestant Dissent in Spaldwick 1672-1793, by Alan Richardson (page 9),
  • Funerals, the Final Consumer Choice, by Ken Sneath (page 22).
  • Beggars’ Bush Revisited, by David Howlett (page 32).
  • The Mystery of Houghton Mill Film, by Gerry Feakes (page 38).
  • Lamport and William Barnard Rhodes-Moorhouse, by Alan Butler (page 48).
  • Huntingdon Mayoral Chain, Part 3, by David Cozens (page 52).
  • Book Review: Joyce Ransome, The Web of Friendship: Nicholas Ferrer and Little Gidding, reviewed by Ken Sneath (page 56).
  • The Society Record 2008-12

Volume 4, Part 2

  • Lord Renton, P.C. K.B.E., T.D., Q.C., D.L., An Appreciation, by David Cozens (page 3).
  • The Society’s Foundation 1957, by Philip Saunders (page 5).
  • Robert Hodson: An Eighteenth-century Huntingdon Clergyman, Part 2, by Alan Richardson (page15).
  • Cockfighting and Bible Raffling at St. Ives, by David R. Viles (page 29).
  • William Cowper and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, by Alan Butler (page 37).
  • Huntingdon Mayoral Chain, Part 2, by David Cozens (page 43)
  • A Note on Hilton Nicknames, by Richard Garnett (page 49)
  • The Society’s Museum Collection, by Philip Saunders (page 55).